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Outpatient Home Health

Leverage the comfort of outpatient therapy software for your therapy practice.

Enable the therapist to document like therapists

Our outpatient therapy software was developed for the therapists. It is made to align with the workflow of the therapist perfectly.

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Make patients your priority

We provide you with the tools to leverage high-value patient care. We will highlight the patient’s progress and take care of the treatment plans for the best possible clinical outcomes. We will also assist in adhering to the patients with their prescribed HEPs with our HEP app. You can check on the progress and answer all the questions that the patient may have when they are working on their home exercise plans.

outpatient physiotherapy software
Sensitive patient information. Our safety guarantee

Securing data is our topmost priority, as it is for any healthcare professional. This is why we provide our users with unique IDs and passwords to store all the data securely.

Smooth operations of the practice are a true end-to-end solution for each and every aspect of your practice. Well, that all exist in one place as well as in real-time. Every member associated with us will have the most latest information. Whether you are looking to grow your business or just simply optimise it, SmartPT online is there to support you.

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Seamless billing solutions

With a bevvy of billing options, you will find a solution that will work best for your practice. Our billing reports will put light on the billing issues for you to set them right.

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Explore the realm of seamless billing solutions with SmartPT

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