SmartPT Online for
Startup Clinics

SmartPT Online is a web-based software designed to help you to flourish and grow your therapy practice exponentially.

Straightforward onboarding process

We leverage a customised training process according to your startup’s needs. We will design an onboarding plan for your business and staff learning. Overall, we will help you reduce onboarding challenges and get your clinic up and running. When you hire more staff, you can seek support from the SmartPT Online team.

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Save time and get rid of billing worries

Maximising the startup revenue and worrying less about the payer rules is one of our priorities. SmartPT Online is going to handle your billing process. We will offer unlimited support, credit card processing, a patient portal, eligibility checks, and everything else.

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Data security with a budget of a startup

SmartPT Online is going to assist every clinical member. It does not matter how small they are. We will also help you manage data privacy and guidelines for security. We will also provide the users with IDs and passwords and leverage controlled access to protected health information.

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Manage the Patient Intake as your grow

You must get in touch with the patients where they are. Attract them to your practice with our patient marketing and relationship management software. It will help you establish a digital footprint and refine your clinic in the search engine’s top result. Attract more patient leads by using customisable landing pages and email campaign templates. Also, strengthen your online reviews for more patient intake.

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Implement a data-driven startup

Make more intelligent business decisions and implement the perfect growth strategy for your therapy startup by using the SmartPT Online comprehensive physiotherapy software. As it is built directly into the EMR, our software and its intelligent reporting system will help you gather and analyse all the data from patient attendance to staff performance and referral sources.

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