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Streamline your Clinical operations

SmartPT online is an end-to-end software platform that provides solutions for your therapy business. This includes digital intake, scheduling, billing, and documentation. Every solution is integrated into this app. It ensures less data entry, more visibility, and ease of access for your business.

Clinical operations
Track your business – Manage the performance

Get valuable insights into your practice’s financial and clinical performance. Utilising the tools to project outcome reports. If you are looking to boost retention rates and improve patient satisfaction, then you will get a report for it. This means that you can use all the already entered clinic data to help your business and patients to their full potential.

Track your business
The power of automation in your hands

There is nothing that can improve efficiency like automation. The SmartPT online has many features that are going to lighten your practice load. All our best medical practice management software works in a cycle. The information is always flowing in real time. There is no need for double data entry. There are automatic eligibility checks and regulatory rules already loaded. You can even schedule appointment reminders and online profile updates. This also simplifies the registration process for patients. Thus, automation will free you to focus on the most critical matters and deliver exceptional and promising patient care.

medical practice management software

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