5 Surprising Reasons Why to Access Physical Therapy From Anywhere and Anytime

Isn’t waiting in lines or being on hold on a phone call to get an appointment excruciating? Have you ever wished that your physical therapist could give tips on moving more easily at home? A live, one-on-one video consultation with your physical therapist through telehealth could be the answer. Well, we have some good news […]

December 2, 2022

Achal Sharma

Isn’t waiting in lines or being on hold on a phone call to get an appointment excruciating? Have you ever wished that your physical therapist could give tips on moving more easily at home? A live, one-on-one video consultation with your physical therapist through telehealth could be the answer. Well, we have some good news for you. With Practice Management Software for Physiotherapy Clinics, physical therapists can level-up their facilities and give their patients easy video physio consultations.

Years before the pandemic hit us and we had to ultimately shift to physiotherapy practice management software, both patients and healthcare providers were eager to use digital healthcare solutions to enhance their interactions and make healthcare more accessible. 

With physical therapy software like SmartPT Online, patients can speak with the physical therapists hassle-free. As of 2022, more and more physical therapists are including practice management software for physiotherapy clinics to give themselves an upper edge in the healthcare industry. This enables you to receive the assistance you require in the convenience and comfort of your home. You can learn everything you need to know about physical therapy and physiotherapy practice management software, including what it entails and its benefits.

What is Virtual Physical Therapy?

The emergence of remote healthcare and physiotherapy practice management software is one of the most recent developments in healthcare technology. The act of providing physical therapy to patients across the nation via physiotherapy practice management software is essentially what virtual therapy entails. In addition to assisting patients in connecting with qualified healthcare professionals, virtual physical therapy can also assist therapists in providing better care by allowing more connections and access frequently with their patients at a time when patients are delaying routine visits.

Although telehealth can take many different forms, they all revolve around patient-tracking physiotherapy practice management software and real-time virtual physio consultation technology. The physical therapy software gives physiotherapists all the information they need to follow a patient’s progress, comprehend their ailments, and chart their course to recovery. Real-time video conferencing enables patients and therapists to connect and conduct routine visits regardless of where they may be. Thus, physical therapy services are now available to patients without them having to travel to one of the numerous physical therapy clinics.

Digital Physical Therapy Has Many Advantages

#1. Simple to incorporate into daily life

With physiotherapy practice management software, you have more control over where and when you perform your prescribed exercises, allowing you to make small, daily improvements to your health instead of making a concentrated effort a few times per week. 

For instance, SmartPT provides a comprehensive exercise programme that is simple to access and gives you instructional videos that you can watch whenever and wherever you are. Use what you already have at home instead of purchasing expensive equipment, wearables, gym memberships, or trips to the doctor.

#2. Enjoy convenient appointments

With virtual physio consultation at home; you can utilise your appointments for what they are intended for: talking to your therapist and moving forward with your exercise programme instead travelling miles and filling long forms half of the time.

It is also simpler to get there if your appointments are on your phone or computer desk. You can still make it to your appointment even if you have excruciating back, knee, or shoulder pain or simply don’t feel like leaving your house.

#3. More effective outcomes than last

Virtual physical therapy reduces confusion or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) throughout your programme and increases the possibility for highly personalised care. Additionally, SmartPT gives you the direction you need while performing exercises at home to make sure you do them correctly and with good form. Also, with the mobile app, you can ask questions now and receive responses immediately rather than waiting until your subsequent in-person visit. 

Not to mention, you are more likely to adhere to a care plan if it becomes a regular part of your life and is entirely tailored to your particular needs and preferences. Practising simple, long-lasting exercise regimens from a holistic wellness perspective expedites healing and fosters long-lasting results so that you can not only return to your favourite activities more quickly but also stay healthy and active in the long run.

#4. No more worries for transportation

You don’t need a car! The burden of travelling to appointments is lessened with virtual physio consultation. If you are a parent and can’t leave your toddler at home, or have am excruciating pain with which you cannot travel, virtual physical therapy is your way to go!

According to studies, telehealth physical therapy can yield comparable or superior results. Most patients who have received physical therapy via telehealth were happy with the service and would use it again. Patients said that their physical therapist made them feel connected and supported. Having this support at home while undergoing a rehab program is even more beneficial. 

#5. An amazing amalgamation

Virtual physical therapy is the ideal way to supplement your care if you already have a physical therapist that you love but want more therapy outside of the clinic. With physiotherapy practice management software you can also combine in-clinic and virtual physio consultation. 

For example, SmartPT can offer a licenced therapist who is available for consultation 24/7 via remote monitoring. And the real-time data can be shared with your in-person physical therapist at every stage of your recovery journey. The possibilities with physiotherapy practice management software are truly limitless, regardless of your rehabilitation needs.

To Sum Up

The best part about physiotherapy practice management software is that neither patients nor physical therapists need any special training. All you’d require is a computer or other device with a video camera and microphone, as well as an email address. 

And your physical therapist will provide more information and instructions if they provide virtual physio consultation services. However, make sure your appointment suits your needs before connecting remotely with your physical therapist. Till then, we wish that you have a smooth and healthy session.

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