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Outpatient Hospital Facilities

Administer patient care with our scalable speciality-specific outpatient therapy software.

Unmatched Efficiency – Cost-effective solution

SmartPT Online is 100 Percent web-based. The therapists can access the patient data, charts, and calendars, anywhere and anytime they want. Our technical support is always there to assist you. Our platform is compatible with any device that is internet enabled. You can get online or download an app and get working.

SmartPT Online Practice Management
Your data. Our Responsibility

SmartPT Online assigns unique IDs and passwords for every user. Every access is controlled and just cannot be accessed by all but one. The data is secure and can be accessed at any time by the therapist.

Physical Therapy Practice Management Software
In compliance with regulations and reforms

There is a bevvy of features that comply with healthcare regulations and reforms. Our systems receive all the updates automatically as we always account for the most-recent regulatory changes.

Physio Exercise Software
Valuable Patient-care principles

Delivering valuable patient care in conjunction with all the regulatory reforms and higher-quality delivery models, and cost-effective care is our priority. Our integrated charts will track the patient’s engagement and enable the therapists to assess their progress. This is going to enhance the satisfaction level of every patient. You can highlight the value to the stakeholders, administrators, and patients by analysing the data provided by our platform.

Billing Software for Physiotherapy
Integrate SmartPT Online With your EMR System

Automated Information Sharing is the future. We will get your staff running with the SmartPT Online as early as possible by easy migration of data and seamless training and onboarding online or in-person.

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