SmartPT online will help your patients achieve their therapy goals with an interactive and mobile-friendly experience.

Easy Patient engagement. Better recovery Results

Patient engagement is necessary. Keep them engaged with the HEPs that they find useful. Our physical therapy software also features Video HEPs, which have changed the face of this industry. The SmartPT online is regularly achieving patient engagement for the best results.

Numerous exercises. Numerous solutions.

With the smart search function, explore the library in multiple languages. Use a keyword or body part, and then get the recommendations based on recently prescribed exercises.

Customised home exercise templates – Best HEPs for patients

Create Home exercise plans in under 2 minutes. Generating and reusing the protocols and customising the exercises based on the patient profile is relatively easier. You can monitor the patient’s progress through informative charts when prescribing a HEP.

iOS/Android Interface

Access the Home exercise plans on any internet-enabled device. One can download the app and complete the clinic branding with their smartphones or tablets. This will be done from the google play store and the apple app store. With the plans prescribed, the app also features a secure messaging platform, feedback mechanism, and notifications and goals that will always keep you on track.

Elevate your practice. Quick solutions.

The SmartPT HEP is an efficient way of drafting prescribed HEPs. The patients can access these exercises with a built-in patient communication hub using the latest tech stack integration.

Easy Patient HEP compliance

Be on top of your patient’s daily activity using the app on the go. You can also chat securely back and forth. This will ensure that the patients are always confident with their exercise plans.

SmartPT HEP software

Wanna know how SmartPT Online is the best Physical Therapy HEP India-wide?

Cloud-based system

Always stay updated

Creating HEP is one thing, but knowing if your patients are adhering to it can be daunting. SmartPT allows you to track your patient’s performance anytime.

Specialised Programs

Effective Communication

A two-way communication between you and your patients is a must to reach the goals. Get a secured chat feature to be in continuous touch.

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