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The Company with a Cause.

Our Purpose

We strongly believe in taking physical therapy to the next level and accessible to screens.

For this reason, we developed a ground-breaking, all-encompassing business solution tailored especially for physical therapy professionals and combined it with support and training of the highest calibre. Every rehab therapy company, from one-therapist clinics to multi-location businesses, can maximise performance, revenue, and patient outcomes with the help of SmartPT.

How It All Started


Started working towards the project, SmartPT


Working prototype was made


Launched the software


Onboarded 100+ physical therapists


Release 700+ HEPs


Became the go-to PT software for 500+ patients

Our Story

Our story dates back to 2011 when we thought about creating physical therapy software. It was more like the start of digitalisation when we laid a strong foundation for a team of software engineers and people passionate about physical therapy.

It took us almost a year to study India's physical health, which was rapidly declining, especially amongst the youth. With the all-day-long desk jobs, they hardly get enough time to dedicate to their overall fitness. So, keeping in mind the cause and the requirements, we devised a working prototype of the software in 2012.

It was so satisfying to see our software being in the testing phase. After some trial runs and being appreciated by our known physical therapists, we started working on the software naming it - SmartPT. In 2014, we were ecstatic to announce the launch of the software.

Soon enough, SmartPT started to get the name. Since there are a lot of downsides to paperwork and manual methods of record keeping, scheduling, booking appointments, payments, and much more, our automated software was picking up quickly.

By the year 2016, we onboarded around 100+ physiotherapists on our software. After both the professionals and patients got accustomed to automated data handling, we introduced a game changer to medical technology - HEP. In 2019, we started Home Exercise Plans (HEP) for the patients and made physical therapy accessible on the patient's screen.

This way, without having to step out of the home, anyone could focus on their health and be fitter. And in 2020, after the pandemic hit us, it became the need of the hour. So, more than 500+ patients registered with us, and the numbers have been going up ever since.