SmartPT Online for
Cash-based Practices

Organise a documentation framework that compliments the needs of your cash-based physical therapy practice.

Smooth business operations

SmartPT Online offers tools that will streamline your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice. This includes credit card processing, easy patient invoicing, and intelligent scheduling. Our built-in analytics report leverages deep analysis of the factors influencing the therapy business’s success. You can even extract financial reports to manage your bank statements or transfer the financial data to the software you are using.

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice
Top-notch Results- High-quality care

Our Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice leverages text, automated phone, email, and text appointment reminders. It also ensures HEP compliance and improves patient satisfaction with our mobile application. Outcome tracking enables the therapists to track the plans accordingly.

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Software
Data security. Our priority

Our system is constantly getting updated to stay in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. Our unique ID and passwords will provide every user with controlled access.

SmartPT Online Data Security
Complete your schedule with new patients

Growing your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice exponentially depends on the constant flow of new patients. The SmartPT online marketing software can assist you with that. Your business presence will be in the topmost shape. You will be visible to all the online search engine users. Our platform will also boost the ratings and reviews of the most satisfied clients. The customised landing pages and lead management functionality will enable you to organise marketing campaigns and track the success quotient.

Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Software

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