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SmartPT for Physical Therapy

Tools specific to the physical therapy

SmartPT Online has been designed for Physical therapists so that you can have faith in every HEPs being optimised for outpatient therapy. Our physical therapy software includes all the relevant modifiers.

Our system has the integration of the best tracking tools. Our modules are tailored to the physical therapy specialities such as wellness, neuro, and paediatrics.

physical therapy
Showcase your practice

Every file you design in our system will display a physical therapy label. It will have your clinic’s logo and name. It is right at the top of the page. You can send the files directly from the SmartPT system.

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Our physical therapy software offers the best platform for practising therapists. It provides the best support. SmartPT Online consists of the experience and expertise of real-life therapists. We mix that knowledge into every aspect of our support. This tells us that our members are well-known leaders and expert clinicians in their fields.

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