Virtual Therapy

Leverage online therapy. Access PTs from the comfort of your home.

Less Manpower and Less Investment

Longing to scale your physical therapy practice with a budget that fits your pocket? You no more need to worry about hiring a team to handle your rising clientele. Our virtual therapy softwares has you covered. Be it booking appointments from the comfort of your house to practising it at the same place; you can make it as simple as that for them. You don’t need to hire a team to manage your clinic; you can do it online all by yourself.

Leverage virtual technology. Make the visits more meaningful.

Prioritise patient care in continuity. This is even when the patient cannot be physically present for the appointment—Book remote appointments with SmartPT Online visits. The option of conducting two-way virtual therapy sessions with your patients reduces the no-shows.

The high-quality videos ensure better understanding and solutions for any doubts.

physiotherapy video consultation app
Hassle-free practising

Isn’t it just dreamy to know that you don’t have to rent or own a clinic and have a huge team of employees? Rather you can just use our softwares and save yourself from all the hassle and cost cuttings. While at the same time maintaining the best services for your patients.

Hassle-free practising

Wanna Generate More Revenue for Your physical therapy clinic?

Cloud-based system

No third-party apps

Use SmartPT’s virtual therapy portal to remotely treat patients. With the help of this feature, providers can start and carry out virtual patient appointments within the application.

Specialised Programs

Forget about the queues

If you have always thought about getting rid of the long queues outside your clinic without losing money, virtual therapy is the answer to your worries.

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