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  • Unlimited customer service, free-to-use, and support
  • Reporting, medical compliance alerts, and safeguards.
  • Migration of data.
  • Training and custom onboarding
  • Automatic updates for free.
  • Anytime and anywhere access from the internet-enabled device.

Overcome Professional challenges.

  • Automatic appointment reminders will eliminate no-shows by up to 30%.
  • Unlimited and free document storage.
  • The billing solutions gradually increase the payments.
  • Get access to the app of interactive home exercise program.
  • Retention tools, loyalty, and patient marketing.
  • Analytical reporting.
  • Automated digital patient intake program.
  • Benchmarking and outcome tracking.
  • Secure the messages for e-visits.
  • Securing the live video for the virtual therapy.

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