Definitive PT Guide to Patient Relationship Management

Well, you know what sounds too good to be true? A world where a single solution is effective enough to drive patient numbers, eliminate patient dropout, and drive better healthcare outcomes. But you know what? This is possible. A new therapy software is making this dream come true. The software is known as the Patient […]

Well, you know what sounds too good to be true? A world where a single solution is effective enough to drive patient numbers, eliminate patient dropout, and drive better healthcare outcomes.

But you know what? This is possible. A new therapy software is making this dream come true. The software is known as the Patient Relationship Management Software. If you have not boarded the PRM plane yet, then you must make it the main part of your clinical strategy.

The Platform of Physiotherapy patient management solution must be on every therapy provider’s radar.

What is patient relationship management?

Well, patient relationship management is a system that is responsible for patient care on the whole. When it is about increasing the revenue, then the number one question that comes to mind of the practice owners is how will I be able to get more patients?

This is one of the fairest questions as it is the only way through which any physical therapist can boost the earning power of the practice. The total number of patients is the only way through which you can enhance your overall income.

There are three main factors that go into making out the total revenue of the clinic.

  • The number of patients who got treated.
  • The average number of patients that you got per visit.
  • The number of visits per patient.

Patient Relationship Management Software is a must in today’s technology world. It will allow you to connect with the patient through texts, mail, or the web. When you implement PRM software, then it will assist you in taking your healthcare to the next level.

But do you know how PRM software works? Let us find out.

How does PRM Software Work?

The PRM software facilitates a secure messaging platform that will enable the practitioner to send the right message. It will be sent to the right patient at the right time in order to enhance patient engagement. You can seamlessly use this software to establish rules for the patients to receive regular check-ins at timed intervals.

This will allow you to connect with the patients and make sure that they feel cared for in the sessions. You must stay on top of their minds after they even discharge in case they might need your services again.

The patients are taking more engaged and active participation when the practitioners are providing them with the utmost respect and fairness. Thus, the shared views on a regular basis between the patient and the practitioner produce more favourable patient satisfaction as well as treatment outcomes.

Send relevant and valuable content at different intervals

You do not have to be the sole person who will be coming up with the content. As the Physio Customer Relationship Management Software, it enables you to build emails that are based on the content that you can find online.

The software is going to pull the snippets of the text from the blog content and then you can create relevant templates for patient characteristics, specific injuries or demographics.

The best PRM software will integrate with your EMR. it will enable you to create a rule that will trigger the system to send emails to the patients some days after the discharge. Or it could be to the patient who is not currently active and has not visited for therapy for a long time.

In addition to the valuable content, you can also send specific updates related to your clinic on any additional services that you might be offering. This is attracting past patients to your practice and also enables the current patients to get the benefit of all the services available to them.

Keep an open and secure channel of communication

Well, nowadays, patients are looking to reach the practitioners in between sessions. Well, you can opt for a better and more secure method of staying in touch with your patients even outside the clinic as well. This is all possible through the safe and secure messaging functionality of the PRM.

With this communication channel, you will enable your patients to send the text from anywhere and at any time and ask questions related to their care or give feedback on the Home exercise program(HEP).

This will improve patient engagement and will increase active patient participation.

Acting on the feedback seriously

Unengaged and disloyal patients are very likely to leave your practice early as compared with loyal and engaged patients. Well, how are you going to figure out who is disloyal?

Well, in order to get on the feedback in a meaningful way, you need to act on it accordingly. In order to get good feedback, you need to provide an outstanding experience to the customers.

Let us see how you can do that.

How can PTs Build an Outstanding Relationship with their Patients?

Meeting the therapy goals is not going to keep your patients but it depends upon certain factors though. Patient satisfaction is one of the most integral parts of any physical therapy clinic. The patients are those pillars who are among the best promoters for your business.

There are some factors that will drive patient satisfaction and build an outstanding relationship with their patients.

Put the patient’s experience on priority.

The process of physical therapy is not an easy one. It requires constant efforts from both the practitioner and the patient. If everyone in the practice is making consistent efforts to make a smooth experience.

It can help your patients to be motivated and heal faster as well. Thus, you need to make a team strategy for making sure that every patient gets a positive experience. Also, make sure that every member of the team properly understands the goal and how to play their role in achieving it.

Positive team culture is the key.

When your therapy puts forward a strong sense of culture, then it is sure that more patients would want to be there. The culture comes from the people and it is going to have a strong impact on patient satisfaction.

A positive and teamwork culture is responsible for driving more satisfaction. The culture is also related to your goals and working as a team to understand the shared vision.

Engagement is important – Even if the patients leave.

Strong communication is significant in maintaining long-lasting relationships with the practitioner. Thus, this is not quite shocking the sudden emergence of the tools that are made to provide better communication with patients.

There are tools such as the Home Exercise Program(HEP) that will keep the patients consistent in the therapy with industry-backed tutorials. It can be accessed by patients from anywhere and on any device that has access to the internet.

Using tools that are interactive is surely going to increase the patient’s satisfaction. Also, the efforts from your side even if the patient has been discharged from the services must not cease. You must be able to maintain healthy communication regarding your clinic and services.

This will keep their minds fresh regarding if they need any kind of additional services.

The Patient Relationship Management Software has made the act of engagement streamlined whether you are communicating with new clients or with past patients, or reminding the existing patients of their appointment schedule.

Tracking the outcomes.

When you are already tracking the outcomes of the therapy, then you realise the value of the data when it comes to proving the efficiency of the treatment. When you are tracking the health outcomes of the patient, then you can increase the patient experience by catching the issues before the patient is discharged from the therapy.

Well, you can also use the positive therapy outcomes that will highlight the patient’s improvements and keep them motivated throughout the appointments. While using the outcomes-tracking software, all the data will get accumulated in easy to understand format that will help you assess the results.

Put forward the metrics of success.

When you speak of data tracking, if you are not able to measure the results, then you will not be able to increase patient satisfaction. It will be very tough to understand what efforts are going to be effective and which are the ones you need to check again.

This is why it is recommended that you are constantly tracking the outcomes that will further improve patient satisfaction.

Why Does Your Medical Practice Need Patient Relationship software?

Patient Relationship Management Software is essential for any Physical therapy practice. It will enable the therapist to keep the patients engaged. When you put more emphasis on patient engagement, then you will feel that the patients matter to your practice.

This is going to lead to better scores of patient satisfaction, more referrals, and increased revenue growth. The PRM software leads to improvement in every section of physical therapy.

If you wish your practice reaches heights, you need to consider patient relationship management. With PRM, you can also automate many tasks and redirect the staff to work with high value. Thus, PRM software is a very crucial operating system that is very essential for your business.

Improving Patient communication.

Physical therapy Practice thrives when you have good relationships with your patients. It is very normal for therapy practitioners to see a great number of patients abandoning. Thus, staying in touch is imperative to build strong bonds with patients.

With the cloud-based patient management solution, you can automate patient reach, form email templates for sending monthly newsletters, and targeted emails, and practice the updates.

The PRM is a secure portal that gives patients secure access to health information. The patient portal is a great way to provide patients with great preventive tips and insights. Thus, you can offer exceptional patient care by helping the patients to take charge of their personal health goals.

Reduce the number of missed appointments.

One of the other benefits of the patient relationship management software is that it offers the patients the flexibility to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with just a few clicks.

When you give the patients control over scheduling the appointment, then they will more likely be serious about not missing it. Also, if they are not able to make it, then they can also alert you that they cannot make the appointment.

Some of the best features of the PRM include multi-channel reminders across email, voice, and text. Thus, you will be more likely to reach the patients and make sure that they read the messages.

With a streamlined process for appointments, you will see a decrease in the no-show drop rate. You will also be able to manage your time and resources more efficiently. Thus, it helps in improving efficiency and increasing the revenue for delivering high-quality patient care.

Improving patient engagement.

With some of the best physical therapy practices, you can foster strong patient engagement. One such practice is leveraging PRM in your workflow. With the PRM software, you can stay in touch with the patients and then send them messages to reinforce your practice and values.

Through constant communication through the PRM software, the patients will always feel connected with the treatment which will also further improve patient satisfaction.

Decreasing the phone time.

When you integrate patient relationship management software, then you can cut down the time of the staff members who are attending the phone. The automated appointment scheduler with voice and text messages and email will eliminate the need for reminder calls.

You will witness a drop in the inbound calls when you have a portal such as Patient Relationship Management Software. Also, the PRM patient portal will offer two-way secure messaging so that the patients can reach you with any queries they might have.

A final thought

Patient relationship management software has become a necessity for every therapy practice. The patients also expect more technology from the physical therapy practitioners.

The PRM software will cut down most of your busy schedule and let you put more focus on the more important work. You will also stay connected with your patients and deliver better quality care to the patients.

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