Patient Retention and Activation

Create lifelong patients by engaging them and reducing the overall dropouts.

Measure and act – Patient Feedback is Important

Satisfaction is significant, but there is feedback that cannot be avoided as well. With that data, the practitioners can better manage and upskill the employees. They can also pinpoint the gaps that need the most attention- operational or managerial. It can be the intake process, appointment flow, payment, billing, approach, or treatment style. Immediate action on the feedback will make the best experience for the patient. This will boost patient retention in physical therapy.

Connection and Communication are equally important

For tracking loyalty and the satisfaction of the patient, you can increase patient engagement by communicating in a segmented form. SmartPT Online brings forward a set of tools for automating and monitoring patient information. The web-based software is the gateway for:

  • Connecting with the patients and collecting their intake paperwork.
  • Assigning the interactive HEPs to the patients.
  • Collecting the outcome questionnaires.
  • Sending the reminder for the appointment.
  • Communicating with the patients between appointments to keep a check on the progress and milestones.
Market your happiest patients. Retain more

Everyone takes the online reviews and especially your patients. It is the first step most patients use while searching for a new healthcare provider. This is how the evaluation will take place. The more satisfied patients, the better your chances of getting great reviews that will drive more new patients to your door. SmartPT Online automates this entire process by analysing the results to request reviews from the patients who will put the ball in your court.

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