Devise an Intelligent business plan with KPIs and data analytics.

Jumpstart your performance. Gain valuable insights

Our physical therapy data analytics software’s library comprises easy-to-read charts. The graphs will allow you to gain significant business insight in a single read

  • Analyse the trends by comparing the time periods.
  • Get insight into new patient cases.
Drill Into details. Easy data access

Accessing the detailed data tables will help you in filtering, sorting, formatting, and recalculating the data until it delivers you what you were looking for in the first place. With our healthcare predictive analytics software, the reports will engage meaningful action. It will get organised to provide the insight that the professionals care about the most. Also, you can easily export the raw data into an excel sheet or PDF at any time.

Best reporting tools. Better decisions

Our reporting tools enable the user to structure the data irrespective of the fact of how many clinical locations you own. It will help you identify the trends at the local or at the company level. This is how you will be able to devise the best decisions for your organisation.

Learn from the data.

Business intelligence is significant, and it needs to be acknowledged. In order to get the most out of the analytics part, our robust system will assist the user in the advanced reporting suite. This enables you and your colleagues to gain valuable information for making intelligent decisions.

Payer-focused reports. Know your resources

Our physical therapy real-time stats software can help determine which payers are the most profitable. The reports generated will help you determine which insurance is sending most of the patients and is paying the high interest.

Wanna Generate More Revenue for Your Physical Therapy Clinic?

Cloud-based system

Dive Deeper

With our physical therapy real-time stats software, get the next step towards knowing what’s working for your patients and what’s not.

Specialised Programs

Optimise Investments

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy chasing the clients that pay the least. With efficient data, know where to invest.

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