Annam Wadhwa

Annam Wadhwa is an online marketer and a hard-working one. One fine day, she was trying to start her scooter when it suddenly gave a jerk and she lost her balance, falling off the vehicle. She felt a sharp pain in her leg and was unable to move it. Her colleagues rushed her to the nearest hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fracture in her leg.

Annam was advised to rest and take medication for a few weeks. However, the pain did not subside, and she found it difficult to perform even basic tasks like getting dressed or brushing her teeth to walk and join her office. She was worried that she would not be able to work from home or the office, and her colleagues would have to take on her responsibilities.

One of her colleagues suggested that she should try physiotherapy to regain mobility in her leg. Annam was hesitant at first, as she had never tried it before, but she was desperate to get back to her routine. She searched for a physiotherapy center near her home on SmartPT Online and found one in Zirakpur.

Annam started her physiotherapy sessions at the center and was amazed at how quickly she began to see results. Her physiotherapist helped her perform a range of exercises that gradually improved her mobility and reduced her pain. Annam could feel the difference in her leg and was motivated to continue with her therapy.

Annam Wadhwa

After three weeks of regular physiotherapy sessions, Annam was able to regain full mobility in her leg. She was able to perform her daily tasks with ease and was ready to return to work. She found it difficult to work from home due to distractions, and her physiotherapy had given her the confidence to return to her office.

She is thankful to the platform SmartPT Online for its Find a physio feature, where she found the best physiotherapist near her home and able to get back to her routine. She was grateful for the support and guidance of her physiotherapist, who had helped her recover from her injury. Annam learned an important lesson that day, that accidents can happen to anyone, but with the right treatment and support, one can recover and get back to their routine.