Acupuncture, Dry Needling, and Other Rehabilitiation Techniques

An Interaction Regarding Physical Therapy with PT Sujithlal SJ

The branch of physical therapy examines a person and develops a treatment plan for improving the ability to move, managing or reducing pain, and restoring function. Let us see what an expert has to say about their practice.

An Interaction Regarding Acupuncture, Dry Needling  with PT

Who did we interview?

Sujithlal SJ is a physical therapist with an MPT degree in orthopaedics and sports. He has been a physiotherapist for three years. He is committed and enthusiastic towards treating his patients.

Getting to the Questionnaire

Question 1- How do you deal with a patient with needle phobia?

In my experience, many patients have this phobia. For dealing with them, I believe in explaining the whole procedure to the patient. This comforts them a bit and then we proceed towards showing a trial on our hand to help them understand how it feels.
If they are still showing signs of phobia, then we proceed with other alternative treatments.

Question 2: Generally, how many sessions of dry needling are suggestive to a patient in the initial stage? Are there any prerequisites to consider alongside?

The number of sessions depends on the kind of pain the patient is experiencing. The patients with acute pain are only going to need just one session. Otherwise, patients with chronic pain might require several treatments for feeling better.

Question 3: How do you feel dry needling is a way better option than acupuncture?

Every technique is different thus we are not in a state to make a comparison. Each treatment has a different mechanism of action treatments. For instance,

  • Acupuncture focuses on the acupuncture joints.
  • Whereas, dry needling is used for the trigger joints

Question 4: Would you like to share your experience about handling a patient whose condition was quite unusual, and how you dealt with that?

In my career, there has been no such experience till now.

Question 5: Which rehabilitation techniques do you enjoy working with the most?

Currently, my favourite is the manipulation of joints that allows greater mobility for my patients.

Question 6: Few Lines about yourself & your no. of years of experience in the physio industry.

My name is Sujithlal SJ. I am a physical therapist with an MPT degree in orthopaedics and sports. It has been 3 wonderful years serving my patients in the physio Industry.

To Sum Up

Passionate to serve, Sujithlal SJ (PT) is a health care professional who provides care for patients who have suffered an injury from sports activity. He deals with his patients with utmost care and dedication.

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