From PT to influencer: A candid conversation with a healthcare expert

An Interview with Karthik (PT)  

Physical therapy is a care process that aims at easing pain and helping you to move, function, and lead a better life.

It will improve your ability to move, recover after surgery, give birth, prevent any sports injury or more. People of every age can benefit from physical therapy.

In conversation with Karthik (PT)

Who did we Interview?

PT Karthik from Sri Kavitha Physiotherapy Thanjavur (Clinic and rehabilitation centre). He has 5 years of experience running his clinic in Thanjavur Tamil Nadu.

Getting to the Questionnaire

Question 1- Can you describe a time when a patient did not respond to your treatment plan as expected, and how did you adapt your approach to help them improve?

Well, It depends upon if the patient is comfortable with us or not. We take such a measure first to make them completely comfortable with us.

Question 2: What led you to pursue a career in physiotherapy, and how did you end up obtaining your BPT and MIAP qualifications?

I had support from my friends and my family and a lot of Self-confidence.

Question 3: What are some common conditions or injuries you have treated in the past, and how did you go about treating them?

I have treated a lot of neurological cases and currently, I am getting 80 to 85% results.

Question 4: Are there any specific conferences or events that you believe would be particularly beneficial for expanding your knowledge and professional network?

Yes, whenever I get a chance, I attend the conferences and workshops that are going on.

Question 5: What do you think- How AI will impact physiotherapy in future?

In future, AI in physio has a great scope and I am sure we will achieve wonders with it.

Wrapping up

PT Karthik is a great physiotherapist from Thanjavur Tamil Nadu. He is passionate and runs his clinic in his hometown. He has a total experience of 5 years. He sees the patients from his home as well as through his clinic or hospital visits.

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