Discussing Physiotherapy for Patients With Neurological Conditions

Q & A with PT Prem Shah

Isn’t wanting to be on the top of our games all that we want? Here’s an interview with Prem Shah, a renowned physical therapist and founder of Physiotrendz, from whom we can have great insights.

Discussing Physiotherapy with PT. Prem Shah

Who did we interview?

SmartPT Online was in a conversation with Prem Shah, who is an Associate Professor with more than seven years of experience in the field of physiotherapy after he completed MPT. Apart from teaching, he is also the founder of Physiotrendz, which helps students grow and get proper guidance about the field and patients for better treatment.

Let’s Read About the Interview

Question 1- How do you deal with a patient who’s having concerns with functional activities due to a neurological condition?

I mostly focus on the assessment part, finding out the cause of the functional dysfunction and concentrating on solving it from the root cause with the help of exercises and modified activities.

Question 2: How do you calmly deal with situations where you get last-minute cancellations to requests from patients?

I prefer asking patients about the reason for cancelling the session and if they are comfortable with any other time schedule.

Question 3: How do you convince a patient that regular exercise is way better than taking pills?

It is, in fact, easy to explain to the patients in today’s scenario; patients are self-aware of the side effects of medicines. Also, exercise at regular intervals boosts the patient’s confidence in a very positive way.

Question 4: What are your thoughts on using physio practice management software?

It is well managed and a better way of practising as it helps to keep records of the patient up to date and easy to find whenever required. This way, data on the treatment becomes easily accessible for the therapist as well as for patients.

Question 5: Would you like to share key learnings from any of the recent events/conferences attended?

Most important learning from my experience in this field is that working on soft and patient-treating skills is very important, as sometimes patients need to be heard and explained well about the condition rather than only getting physically treated.

The Bottom Line

Prem Shah is a dedicated professional who not only does his part as a physical therapist but also teaches students to become one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, he emphasises that empathy is one of the most important factors that make a physical therapy session successful.

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