An Inspiring Interview for Aspiring Physiotherapists to Open Their Clinics

In-Depth Conversation with the Founder of a Physiotherapy Clinic

Physical therapists are dedicated professionals who play a pivotal role in restoring patients’ physical function and quality of life. Their expertise and personalised care help individuals overcome challenges, regain independence, and achieve a higher level of overall wellness.

Dr. Deepshikha Goel

Who did we Interview?

Dr. Deepshikha Goel, the founder of Muskaan Physiotherapy Clinic in East Delhi, brings 18 years of unwavering dedication to the field of physiotherapy. Her passion lies in the transformative impact of physiotherapy, where she helps patients regain strength and mobility. Driven by her commitment to excellence, she continuously updates her skills to align with industry trends to enhance people’s quality of life.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: Running a physiotherapy clinic and managing social media accounts can be challenging. How do you balance these two aspects effectively?

Juggling the responsibilities of running Muskaan Physiotherapy Clinic in the heart of East Delhi while managing our social media presence can certainly be a demanding task. But let me tell you, it’s a labour of love! We pour our hearts into this balancing act. During those quiet moments between patients, we eagerly craft and schedule social media posts. It’s like a secret behind-the-scenes peek into our world. We’ve also embraced automation tools, which, while not as warm as human touch, help us keep But here’s the magic: when our patients step through our clinic’s doors, they become our top priority. We ensure their needs are met without any distractions. And after hours, we dive into the digital realm, engaging with our online community, answering questions, and making connections. It’s a dance of dedication and passion, ensuring we provide the best of both worlds – exceptional in-person care and a genuine online presence.

Question 2: What led you to open your own physiotherapy clinic, and what are the core principles that guide your practice?

Building on the legacy of our beloved Muskaan Dental Clinic, my husband and I embarked on a heartfelt journey to expand our services, embracing the healing power of physiotherapy. This transformation gave birth to Muskaan Physiotherapy Clinic, driven by our unwavering commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

At the heart of our practice are deeply personal principles – compassion, expertise, and the profound importance of the human touch. My journey in physiotherapy was ignited by a passionate desire to help individuals reclaim their physical well-being. In our clinic, it’s not just about exercises and treatments; it’s about the warmth and empathy we bring to each patient’s unique healing journey. We listen, we care, and we hold their hands through the process, providing not just physical healing but emotional support too.
Every day, we pour our hearts into embodying these principles, creating a safe haven where individuals experience the power of human touch, healing not just their bodies but their souls.

Question 3: Continuous learning is crucial in healthcare. How do you and your team stay updated on the latest advancements and techniques in physiotherapy?

In healthcare, continuous learning is vital. My team and I stay updated through workshops, conferences, and research. We engage with leading experts, network with peers, and rely on evidence-based practices. This commitment ensures we provide the latest advancements and techniques in physiotherapy, delivering optimal care to our patients. Our team has recently attended workshops on kinesiology taping, women’s health, pelvic floor rehab and stroke management.

Question 4: Could you share a success story from your clinic? An example where a patient’s life significantly improved due to your treatments?

Let me share Anisha’s (name changed ) incredible journey. When we started treating her after a hemorrhagic stroke, she was confined to her bed . Over five years of dedicated physiotherapy, her determination and our collaborative effort bore fruit. Today, she can climb stairs with a bit of assistance. It’s stories like Anisha’s that fuel my passion for this profession. Witnessing her progress, from bedridden to climbing stairs, is a testament to the power of persistence and the miracles that physiotherapy can achieve. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do.” Physiotherapy can make a big difference in one’s life provided you do it persistently and under the right guidance.

Question 5: What advice would you give to aspiring physiotherapists who are considering opening their own clinics or pursuing a similar path?

To all aspiring physiotherapists with dreams of opening their clinics or following a similar path, here’s my advice: Let your passion for patient care burn brightly. Every person you help is a life you touch profoundly. Keep your thirst for knowledge unquenchable – workshops and research will be your guiding stars. Build bonds of trust with your patients, for they become an extended family. Embrace the hurdles with unwavering determination and patience, knowing that building a flourishing clinic takes time. In this field, it’s not just about mending bodies; it’s about healing hearts.

To Sum Up

Dr. Deepshikha Goel, the founder of Muskaan Physiotherapy Clinic in East Delhi. With an unwavering dedication to her profession, she proudly accumulated 18 years of experience in physiotherapy. What sets her heart on fire is not just the science of it, but the profound impact it has on people’s lives. Witnessing her patients regain their strength and mobility fills her with indescribable joy. Every day, she dedicates herself to honing her skills, embracing both online and offline learning, and ensuring she delivers the very best care. Her ultimate goal is to add quality to one’s life.

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