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Unlock the therapeutic potential of cupping therapy with Dr. Riya Sonkar(PT)

Cupping and manual therapy provide a myriad of benefits. Cupping enhances circulation, eases muscle tension, and aids in pain relief. Manual therapy improves joint flexibility and promotes musculoskeletal function. Together, they alleviate pain, enhance performance, and expedite recovery.

Dr. Riya Sonkar

Who did we Interview?

For the past 4-5 years, Riya Sonkar has served as a consultant physiotherapist in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from being a certified cupping therapist and manual therapist, she is an IASTM expert and is proficient in dry needling practice.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: How do you ensure patient comfort and safety during manual therapy sessions?

My priority is to ensure the patient’s comfort by securing their privacy. I will cover all the appropriate areas, exposing only the affected part to be treated. Thoroughly explaining each step, I aim to establish clear communication with the patient and offer a compassionate touch during the treatment process.

Question 2: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements or research in manual therapy?

I actively participate in the latest workshops, read physiotherapy newsletters, research papers, and engage in discussions with colleagues to stay updated and informed in my field. This dedication to learning has allowed me to deliver effective and evidence-based treatments.

Question 3: Are you waiting for any specific physiotherapy event or conference to attend?

Indeed, I have a strong passion for attending conferences and workshops, and I’m particularly excited about taking part in BFRT (Blood Flow Restriction Training) in the near future.

Question 4: Do you combine cupping therapy with any other complementary treatments?

Certainly, in my practice, I employ various cupping methods, including ice, electric, and functional cupping. Additionally, I also integrate cupping with needling techniques for certain treatments. This diverse approach enables me to offer a well-rounded and personalized treatment plan to my patients.

Question 5: How frequently can someone schedule cupping sessions for optimal results?

The selection of treatment primarily relies on the individual’s muscle and fascia condition. However, I generally advise opting for the treatment twice a month, as this frequency ensures steady progress and yields optimal results in the majority of cases.

To Wrap Up

Dr. Riya Sonkar is a physiotherapist as well as a social media influencer. She has been practicing physiotherapy for the past 4–5 years in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Her expertise includes cupping therapy, manual therapy, and dry-needling practice.

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