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Physical therapists focus on addressing the root causes of an issue rather than simply alleviating its symptoms. They encourage patients to actively participate in their healing journey and foster a sense of responsibility for their health. Get to know the holistic approach of physical therapy from an expert that extends beyond the treatment sessions.

Fayaz Ahmed

Who did we Interview?

Fayaz Ali, a seasoned physical therapist, has been actively involved in creating content since 2019. He has developed an app named Physio Study which is dedicated to offering online resources for physical therapists. He is strongly committed to integrating technology into the realm of physiotherapy.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: What inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

The holistic approach of physiotherapy in treating patients and its life-changing effect is what motivated my decision to pursue a career in this field. It strengthens my belief in the power of physiotherapy when I see how a comprehensive approach addresses not only the physical conditions but also enhances overall well-being.

Question 2:What challenges have you faced in content creation, and how do you overcome them?

Since I do not have a team or funding, my primary obstacle revolved around effective time management. I had to learn design skills and create original content independently.

Question 3: What topics or areas do you typically cover in your content for physiotherapists? How do you decide what content to create?

I usually choose syllabus topics that are difficult to learn and create those visually for easy learning. I conduct polls on Instagram based on what the students want more and that’s how I make my next move.

Question 4: Have you noticed any specific trends or emerging topics in physiotherapy that you believe will shape the future of the profession?

Engineering and Physiotherapy need to collaborate more since movement is a common factor for the two branches. Additionally, mechanical inventions for physiotherapy are emerging slowly.

Question 5: Are there any upcoming physiotherapy events or conferences you look forward to attending or participating in?

No, there aren’t any specific ones. But I would love to participate in any upcoming opportunities to enhance my knowledge.

To Sum Up

Being a physical therapist, PT Fayaz Ahmed has been into integrating technology into the field of physiotherapy. This reflects his proactive approach to staying at the forefront of new and effective practices in the field. Overall, he ensures a holistic experience for both patients and fellow practitioners.

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