In Conversation About the Impact of the Pandemic with GD Prathap

In Conversation About the Impact of the Pandemic with GD Prathap

COVID-19 hit us all with a shocking intensity affecting our health, personal and professional lives. Here are some challenges faced by our influencer, GD Prathap.

Physio Talk with GD Prathap

Who did we interview?

GD Prathap is a manual therapist trained in osteopathic and chiropractic techniques. He has been working in the industry for the past eight years and has successfully earned a good name and fame. He also teaches and trains Indian Physios about blood flow restriction training, strength, and conditioning. Furthermore, he believes exercises are the first line of treatments option for pain and disability.

Hearing it From the Influencers

Question 1- What’s the biggest challenge you faced while handling your patients during the pandemic?

The biggest challenge I faced during the pandemic was making my clients comfortable, as everyone was paranoid.

Question 2: For therapeutics’ latest updates, is there any specific channel or source you trust and would recommend?

In my opinion, even though there’s too much information on the internet, journals and publications are the best.

Question 3: How do you handle a patient who doesn’t follow their treatment plan?

Since I know the importance of a treatment plan, I’d help them take a counselling session to know where things are going downhill.

Question 4: Would you prefer an in-person therapy program or suggest online virtual sessions for an ongoing patient?

I personally don’t like virtual programs. It’s not the way physiotherapy actually works, so I’d recommend them an in-person therapy program.

To Sum Up

Even though the pandemic adversely affected everyone’s health and state of mind, GD Prathap believes that comforting patients is the first step to making them feel safe. Once they feel at home, then begin the rest of the treatment procedure.

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