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Who did we Interview?

Heena has three years of experience in the physiotherapy industry. She is a motivated individual who is wholeheartedly dedicated to her profession. She strives to bring meaning not only to her own life but also to the lives of others. Constantly committed to making a difference, she works tirelessly every second of her life to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: What types of patients or conditions have you primarily worked with?

Prior to completing my master’s degree, I gained valuable experience working with diverse patient populations, including orthopedics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, geriatrics, and surgery-related cases. Additionally, during my tenure at a hospital, I encountered various gynecological cases. Currently, I am actively involved in treating individuals with conditions such as shoulder arthritis, spinal cord injury, neuro-spinal cord injury, strokes, and osteoarthritis.

Question 2: What motivated you to start teaching physiotherapy through social media?

While studying for my bachelor’s, I came across the fact that 90% of students found it difficult to tackle their theory, viva, and practicals. They struggled to comprehend the difference between these assessment formats, the nuances of question formulation, structuring answers appropriately, recognizing the significance of each question, and presenting their responses effectively. I found that the lack of presentation skills and the difficulty students encountered in utilizing their knowledge to provide concise and focused answers were apparent.

Question 3: How do you approach designing and delivering educational content through social media platforms?

I mostly design content through PowerPoint presentations and Canva. I use Instagram Stories to design my stuff and then upload it on social media. Through these mediums, I strive to deliver impactful and captivating content that resonates with my audience.

Question 4: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and research in physiotherapy?

My simple rule to stay updated is not just to jump to conclusions with one particular book. You have to refer to multiple books. Not only multiple books now, but it’s also an only era so I search for journals, and case studies, and study them because every day there is research going on in every field. So we have to be updated through evidence-based approaches. So you have the knowledge every single day about certain things. I spend my 1-2 hr of time reviewing the literature so that I get to know enough advancements of the physiotherapy era.

Question 5: Are there any particular topics or areas within physiotherapy that you find most interesting or enjoy teaching the most?

Community awareness is something that attracts me to the maximum. I am ok teaching everything and anything in physiotherapy, but my major interest is in community physiotherapy and talking to people, spreading awareness to them, and getting to make them understand what physiotherapy is and how it can help. I have done my diploma in nutrition as well, so my major concern will be to make them aware of the food, food habits, lifestyle modifications, and what they have to do to reduce their stress. All these things help me to focus, as does student engagement over any issue. I am comfortable in teaching but my major interest is public health and community.

To Sum Up

PT Heena gained three years of valuable experience in the physiotherapy industry after completing her Master’s. Following the completion of my bachelor’s degree, she ventured into the realm of online teaching. Overall, she embarked on a fulfilling journey of sharing knowledge and empowering others through virtual platforms.

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