On Round Table With Dr Ajay Khushwaha to Motivate PT Patients

On Round Table With Dr Ajay Khushwaha to Motivate PT Patients

Motivating patients to follow through with their exercises, as well as Home Exercise Plans, is a challenge in itself. Let’s have a look at what Dr Ajay has to contribute.

Physio Conversation with PT Ajay Khushwaha

Who did we interview?

Today, we interviewed Dr Ajay Khushwaha, who has two years of experience as a clinic physio practitioner.

Digging Deep into the Conversation

Question 1- How do you ensure that the first steps are taken correctly by your patient?

When a patient comes to me for the first time, I carefully notice their posture and their gait, i.e. the way they are walking. Through these two things, I get an idea of what their affected body parts are and how I will design a recovery plan.

Question 2: What is the most common question you hear from your patients?

Well, there are many questions, but mainly, everyone wants quick results. So patients mostly ask, “how much time will it take to get rid of the pain”.

Question 3: How do you motivate a depressed patient?

When a patient is going through a lot of pain, it’s natural to get demotivated. I always try to motivate them with my positive thoughts according to their current conditions.

Question 4: Would you like to tell me about any upcoming physio event which you’re looking up to?

I am really looking for the Delhi AIIMS physio conference. For me, it’s an event having a sack of knowledge and amazing experience.

Question 5: What are you expecting from the government for the growth of the physio industry?

if there’s one thing I’m eagerly looking forward to, it is a separate physiotherapy body for better functioning and funds.

The Bottom Line

It has been two years since Dr Ajay has been working in the physiotherapy industry, and he has been utterly patient while treating patients. He believes motivating patients who have lost hope in being able to move is necessary and the most crucial part of the process.

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