The Ins and About of Physical therapy – In Conversation with Ashish Talreja

The Ins and About of Physical therapy – In Conversation with Ashish Talreja

In this digital era, finding trustworthy content is getting harder everyday as the number of blogs and websites are increasing but the nobody takes the ownership of credibility. So, rather than relying on the new-age websites, SmartPT Online, did it the organic way – asking the professionals themselves.

Q & A with Ashish

Who did we interview?

We interviewed Dr Ashish Talreja (PT), a “healer who transforms lives.” He has completed his BPT from DAV University, Indore. With his two years of work experience in physiotherapy, he is currently practising home-based rehab physiotherapy in his hometown, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, he is also a social media influencer and caters to an audience consisting of physiotherapy students and professionals, aiming to help them with their professional development.

Let Us Quickly Get To Our Expert’s Point Of View.

Question 1- Can you share about your specialised practice types in physical therapy?

Iuse a variety of techniques like mobilisation, stretching, PNF stretching, etc.I Like to use a blend of methods to get the desired result of the treatment, and I prefer active participation of the patient in the treatment protocol rather than relying on passive treatment techniques.

Question 2: What common challenges do you often experience while handling a patient? Describe how you managed one of your most challenging patients.

The common challenges I face during patient handling are the patient’s lack of compliance to exercise, and they believe in passive treatment techniques. My most challenging patient is a female stroke survivor in her mid-50s. Earlier she was not ready to do any exercises and lost hope of recovering, but slowly and steadily, I made her comfortable with the treatment protocol and designed the exercise protocol according to her needs now, she is comfortable with physical therapy and is improving each day for better.

Question 3: What unique area of expertise would you bring to your clinic or practice?

I would love to learn more about the “use of Artificial Intelligence in physical therapy” and would definitely incorporate it into my practice.

Question 4: Patients Experience is the heart of PT Practice. How are you going the extra mile on this front?

By Creating Tailor Made Exercise Protocol.For every patient according to their needs and understanding their expectations from the treatment.

Question 5: How do you reassure a worried patient?

Personally, I utilise Active Listening to ensure patients feel heard and understood. The application of active listening establisheseffective communication, an increase in trust and a healthy therapeutic relationship.

Question 6: Any pro tips that you would like to provide to the physio patients?

Just follow a healthy lifestyle rather than a sedentary lifestyle, eat well, sleepwell and make exercise a part of your lifestyle. This will help you Prevent a lot of diseases and problems. Whenever you experience any pain or injury, directly consult a physiotherapist.

Summing Up

Dr Ashish believes that physical therapy works the best when the patient feels a connect with the therapist. The more empathy you will show towards the patient, the better will be the results. Furthermore, he believes everyone should take out time and workout and not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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