Get Back On Your Feet with a Physical Therapist for Orthopedic Pain

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Physical therapy can be an effective and non-invasive way to manage pain, improve mobility, and achieve a better quality of life. In addition to treating specific conditions, it can also be used to help prevent future injuries and improve overall physical performance. Get valuable knowledge and insights into the benefits of physical therapy from our expert physical therapist.


Who did we Interview?

Ashutosh Tiwari treats orthopedic pain, including arthritis and spine pain, as a sole practitioner. He places a strong emphasis on nutrition management and immunological function. He has dedicated his career to helping patients manage and overcome orthopedic pain. He has earned a reputation for providing personalized care and achieving great results for patients.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: What common orthopedic conditions do you treat in your practice?

I have extensive experience treating spine pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. I assist patients of all ages and abilities in enhancing their physical performance and quality of life thanks to training in manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, and injury prevention.

Question 2: What advice do you have for patients who may be experiencing chronic orthopedic pain?

Patients with persistent orthopedic pain must have their levels of uric acid and C-reactive protein checked. They are urged to adopt new lifestyle practices, including healthy eating practices, frequent exercise, and ergonomic changes.

Question 3: Can you discuss any success stories or memorable patient experiences you have had in your career?

I can think of a lot of memorable examples from my clinical practice. I was attending to a patient who had retrolisthesis of the l4-l5 and was experiencing morning sickness and discomfort in several joints. I gave him some dietary supplements and five sessions of decompression treatment. The results were astounding since he had been immobile before, but after the sessions, he was able to walk with just a single stick.

Question 4: Are there any upcoming physiotherapy conferences or events that you are planning to attend?

I have no plans to attend any such upcoming physiotherapy conferences or events, but I am eager to take part in order to learn more and keep up with current physiotherapy trends.

Question 5: What is your opinion on the utilization of practice management software?

Practice management software is a valuable tool for physical therapists to improve patient care and enhance ongoing professional development.

To Sum Up

With ten years of experience and specialized training in treating patients with orthopedic pain, Ashutosh Tiwari is a go-to provider for anyone seeking relief. He serves as a consultant at the Spine and Multispecialty Clinic, where he aids patients in living pain-free lives. He also serves as the CEO of Hanumant Spine and Ortho Clinic as well as the Spine and Ortho Clinic in Fatehpur. In addition to this, he founded the Indian United Trust, a nonprofit that provides a range of social services.

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