Restore Mobility and Empower Lives with Physiotherapy

Delve into the depths of physical therapy with PT M. Prabhu Das

Physical therapy not only addresses patients’ physical impairments but also their emotional and psychological health. Its main goal is to enable people to actively take part in their care and realize their full potential for a better quality of life.


Who did we Interview?

PT M Prabhu Das has 12 years of experience in the field of physiotherapy. He has honed his skills to provide comprehensive assessments, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment plans. Being an expert in physiotherapy, he helps individuals regain function, manage pain, and enhance their overall physical well-being.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the field of physiotherapy in the coming years?

The biggest issue arose when rehabilitation centers were founded by people who weren’t physiotherapists or other qualified medical personnel. From a financial standpoint, medical professionals in particular started founding physiotherapy clinics.

Question 2: Are you waiting to attend any particular event or conference?

As a PT, I am always eager to go to conferences and activities in my field. I consider it very important to stay updated on the most recent research, methods, and market trends. I can network with other professionals, learn from eminent authorities, and discover innovative approaches in physical therapy.

Question 3: What advice do you typically give to patients for preventing future injuries or managing chronic conditions?

I advise patients to follow safety procedures properly before leaving the house, as well as engage in routine activities like physical activity, eating healthy food, and sleeping without stress. If a person is physically impaired, use aids or splints to prevent additional damage.

Question 4: What are some of the most common conditions you treat?

I work with individuals who have spinal disorders such as spondylitis, listhesis, and Bell’s palsy, as well as paralysis, Bell’s palsy, cerebral palsy, PA shoulder, and ligament injuries. I also treat fractures and age-related arthritis.

To Sum Up

Hailing from a poor background, PT M Prabhu Das completed MPT in Neuro. With more than twelve years of experience in the physiotherapy field, he leads an inpatient rehabilitation center and works with many corporate hospitals and clinics. He has been working at Orphanage Home for disabled kids since 2012.

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