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The role of physiotherapy is pivotal in the recovery process of individuals recuperating from acute stroke and road traffic accidents. When dealing with acute stroke patients, physiotherapy concentrates on the restoration of mobility, enhancement of muscle strength, and refinement of coordination that could have been impacted by the stroke. This entails the implementation of exercises and methodologies aimed at reclaiming functional independence in everyday tasks.

PT Pruthviraj Kachhela

Who did we Interview?

PT Pruthviraj Kachhela is employed as a therapist at Shree Krishna Hospital in Karamsad, where my specialization lies in post-operative cardiac care and intensive care unit (ICU) treatment. With a professional history spanning over 4 years within clinical environments, including a 2-year tenure at an orthopedic hospital, I have developed a robust expertise in orthopedic rehabilitation as well.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: Can you share your motivation for using social media as a platform for sharing physiotherapy-related information?

My affinity for connecting with individuals, it encourages me to utilize social media as a platform for sharing information related to physiotherapy. By utilizing the power of social platforms, I aim to bridge the gap between physiotherapy expertise and those seeking guidance, creating an environment of learning and engagement.

Question 2: How do you ensure that the information you share on social media is accurate, evidence-based, and reliable?

I took it from trusted books and well-known published journals. I remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, ensuring that the information I share reflects the most current and accurate understanding of the subject matter.

Question 3: How do you manage your time and energy between maintaining an active online presence and your clinical practice?

Posting daily is a challenge; so instead, I strategize and schedule my content for a month using Instagram’s studio feature. This method ensures that my posts are well-thought-out and aligned with my goals, while also freeing up time for engagement and interaction with my audience.

Question 4: How do you engage with your followers and encourage discussions around physiotherapy topics?

I bought some Q&A for my followers to know them better. I strive to create an engaging and interactive space where we can exchange insights, share experiences, and enhance our collective understanding of this field.

Question 5: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments in physiotherapy to ensure the accuracy of the information you share?

I stay updated by immersing myself in the latest articles and news relevant to my field. Additionally, I actively engage with similar content, which often sparks fresh ideas. By staying well-informed and tapping into the collective knowledge of my community, I ensure that the content I share remains current, insightful, and resonates with my audience’s interests.

To Sum Up

PT Pruthviraj Kachhela is directed towards the treatment of individuals recovering from acute strokes, road traffic accidents, and traumatic brain injuries within the trauma center setting. Moreover, he is engaged in offering cardiopulmonary rehabilitation for both cardiac and lung conditions, encompassing Phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation as well.

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