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Physical therapy helps patients develop the skills and knowledge they need to maintain good physical health and prevent future injuries or impairments. Thus, it is an essential component of a lifelong commitment to health and wellness. Cultivate a broader perspective in the field of physical therapy with an expert.


Who did we Interview?

Sampoorna Bhuvanesh has fourteen years of substantial expertise working as a physiotherapist in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. In 2020, she founded the Ova Women’s Health Physiotherapy Center, a highly specialized physiotherapy facility where she is presently employed. She has presented more than 150 health awareness speeches in various institutions and is a certified dry-needling practitioner. She strives to empower women to reclaim their confidence through her practice.

Starting with the Questionnaire

Question 1: What types of conditions do you commonly treat in women’s health physiotherapy?

I treat all obstetrics and gynecology-related physiotherapy conditions that include vaginismus, diastasis recti, core muscle instability, post-pregnancy umbilical hernia, PCOS, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic girdle pain, mastitis, breast engorgement, and all kinds of pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Question 2: How can physiotherapy help with pregnancy and postpartum recovery?

Basically, physiotherapy works best on prevention. A woman undergoes a lot of physical trauma during pregnancy, and antenatal exercises help relieve pregnancy discomforts, improve good posture, and help sail the pregnancy journey smoothly. Childbirth preparation classes and breastfeeding classes can help women know things in advance so they can handle labor and breastfeeding with ease. Antenatal exercises play a great role in the recovery after childbirth.

Question 3: How do you work with women who have experienced trauma, such as sexual assault or childbirth trauma, to address physical and emotional symptoms?

Women with sexual trauma may find an aversion towards sexual intercourse with their partner; we need to sit with them and help them open up by giving psycho-sexual counseling. Before examining them, we may need to explain the examination in detail and teach them to relax their pelvic floor muscles. We also have to be patient and gentler with our techniques so that they build confidence in patients.

Question 4: What inspires you to create and share informative and engaging content related to women’s health on social media platforms?

I am very passionate about women’s health physiotherapy and spreading awareness for women. There are a lot of women suffering in silence, and they do not have an idea where to seek help. That’s how I started, but what motivates me on a regular basis is my patients and their feedback when they get better. I also create content on general advice for my patients so that I save time during my consultation.

Question 5: What advice do you have for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth regarding their physical health?

I would completely recommend a customized exercise program with a well-balanced diet, a good lifestyle, and getting educated about their pregnancy & postpartum bodies so that they can handle issues much better.

Wrapping up

Holding a solid background in obstetrics and gynecology physiotherapy, Sampoorna Bhuvanesh completed her graduation from Saveetha University. She then continued her postgraduate studies at SRM University in Chennai. In 2008, she began working as a physiotherapist. Sampoorna then worked for Dr. Mridhubashini Govindharajan, a pioneering obstetrician and gynecologist, at Women’s Center and Hospitals. Together with her husband, she founded Kind Kinetics Physiotherapy Center in 2014. She launched Ova Women’s Health Physiotherapy Center in 2020, where she currently works as a consultant.

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