Blossoms Physiotherapy Clinic

With SmartPT, Blossom's physical therapy is creating accurate, comprehensive, and easy documentation as quickly as possible. It lets the therapist deliver excellent patient care.


Jyoti Gupta PT

Fast Facts


Panchkula, Haryana

In Business Since:


SmartPT Member Since:

May 2022

Key Achievements

Streamlined all my manual processes and took my stress away.

Easy and hassle-free scheduling, that led to a significant decrease in no-shows and cancellations.


Blossoms physiotherapy initiated its pediatric physiotherapy operations in the year 2016. It is headed by Jyoti Gupta. She has experience as a pediatric physiotherapist in various states of India. Her name lives up to her reputation as she is celebrated with many awards in the Physiotherapy field and for her social work.

She has expertise in movement, posture, coordination, and cardio respiratory-related rehabs. She aims to deliver excellent treatment programs so that every individual becomes physically independent.

Main achievements With SmartPT

The EMR feature in the digital age has reduced work with minimal costs and a great pricing structure.

The productivity of the clinic is maximised by tracking the referrals, easy EMR solutions, and scheduling all in one place. Thus, one can focus more time on the patients.


Jyoti always had a dream of starting her own clinic in Tricity. Well, not just any clinic but a clinic that is equipped with an ultra-modern treatment approach with a wide range of facilities in different fields of physiotherapy. A clinic that provides quality treatment and will help the patients to heal faster as well.

The technological solution will enable her to access everything in one place. Running a pediatric clinic without an advanced tech would not have let her achieve a level of professionalism. The space was not so big, and fewer piles of paper would improve the situation.

Thus, she needed to find software that could help overcome all these challenges.


While searching, she stumbled upon SmartPT in a physical therapy event. “The moment I opened my eyes to this app, I was stunned that it was the solution that would streamline my work operations.”

She was also impressed with the simple interface and frequent updates. Everything the app offered made sense to her.


SmartPT comprises all the features she wanted as it is among the best cost-effective solutions compared to the other EMR software that needed large investments. She could now access the patient records and complete the notes from any place and time. Flexibility was a huge selling point as she already had a lot on her plate.

One of the other things Jyoti really appreciates is the way SmartPT has been providing them with tracking referrals. Referral marketing plays a great role in the success of any clinic, and she knew it. It was very seamless to keep track of what sources were bringing most of the business.

This made her pediatric practice very progressive and helped cut down the time-consuming administrative work that made the work tedious. She also likes how SmartPT members can contact SmartPT support anytime with no additional charges.

The members can also send their suggestions to improve the experience. This is another perk as it is the ability of SmartPT to continue to evolve to meet her needs.

Quote by Jyoti

“SmartPT has been my EMR solution. It is helping me in documentation, scheduling, and managing medical records and contacts, and it has helped me to complete and organise my notes. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank SmartPT for being such a wonderful way to manage my dream clinic.”

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