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With the help of SmartPT, Healing Hands Physiotherapy has been able to level up its performance by automating its processes. By cutting the costs of tedious paperwork, the clinic surely has attained new heights.

Guranchal Pawar PT

Guranchal Pawar PT

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# 2164, Sector 21 - C

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Key Achievements

Replaced tedious paperwork with an automated process that can be completed in minutes.

Reduced the cost of a team to manage the documentation process.

Provided physical therapy software compliant with Apple products per the client's requirements.


In February 2022, Dr Guranchal Pawar started her clinic by the name Healing Hands Physiotherapy, in Sector 21, Chandigarh. Dr Guranchal Pawar laid the foundation in 2011. Since then, she has provided exceptional services treating wide conditions of orthopaedic and sports-related injuries. She has also treated patients of all ages with congenital or neurological conditions for over a decade.

The clinic is a three-person team with Dr Guranchal Pawar as the sole treating therapist and two assistants with administrative work. She collaborates with her patients to restore healthy movement and function as quickly as possible and to the best of each individual’s ability. Earlier she was running two clinics in Panchkula and Chandigarh and recently came up with a newly equipped set-up called Healing Hands Physiotherapy.


As described by Dr Guranchal Pawar, the biggest challenge she faced was manually maintaining a lot of paperwork. Considering the medical field, it’s crucial to keep all the documents handy about the patient’s medical history, chronic illness, health goals, and the list goes on.

“Updating the documents continuously at every step of the treatment until its very end and recording every detail from planning to execution was excruciating.” And this was making Dr Pawar frustrated. So, she started looking for paperless solutions; no matter what, she could not skip the documentation process.

The next challenge was switching to an automated system, and finding software to meet both ends was a cumbersome task. She went on a spree for a technological solution allowing her to access everything in one place by taking limited space and being compatible with Apple products.


While searching for a solution, Dr Guranchal Pawar stumbled upon SmartPT Online through a friend. She was very specific about what she wanted: no server, no IT, no updates to purchase, and web-based and compliant software.

Fortunately, SmartPT Online was the software that fulfilled all her requirements. So she went ahead and booked a demo to get a better understanding. During the demo, she continuously smiled to learn that she would receive a free mobile app for her patients.

“This is exactly what I want; thanks a lot.”

With SmartPT, Dr Pawar has hassle-free physical therapy software with a compliant mobile app, HEPs, and virtual physio consultation. Her aim to manage the documentation process without lifting a pen was right in front of her.


SmartPT has all of the features that Dr Guranchal Pawar desired, and it is less expensive than other software that requires significant investments. As a new clinic owner, she had a lot on her plate, and providing such an excellent practice management solution allowed her to provide high-quality care to her patients while balancing her work and life.

Dr Pawar also liked the referral feature; tracking those referrals was the icing on the cake. She recognised that referral marketing was critical to his clinic’s success, and SmartPT made it simple to track.

On top of that, SmartPT allows Dr Pawar to create HEPs in minutes, and patients can access all the exercises from the mobile app that is custom branded.

This resulted in significant improvements to several key metrics:

  • Patients attend 0.8 more visits.
  • Reactivations (patients returning for treatment related to a new diagnosis) are up 5%.
  • Complimentary screens are up 30%.

“I am highly satisfied with the excellent PT software. I’m glad that Hamstring Strengthening Heel Press and Calf Stretch exercises have been added after my suggestion.”

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