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With exceptional physical therapy software, SmartPT, Neurotherapy & Physiotherapy Clinic has upgraded its practice to more automation and fewer errors.


Somraj PT

Fast Facts


Shri Gurudwara Sahib,
Sec 23 D, Chandigarh

In Business Since:


SmartPT Member Since:

July 2022

Key Achievements

Helped Neurotherapy and Physiotherapy clinics manage patients, scheduling, billing, and inventory.

Easier report creation process and smarter cloud-based updates.

More efficient and decreased the risk of human error in the process. Also helped to future-proof your business.


PT Somraj is the owner of the Neurotherapy and Physiotherapy Clinic. He has a stretched-out team of professionals and helping staff to run his clinic in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab.


It has been more than twenty years since Somraj started his physiotherapy practice offline in Chandigarh. He started his business decades ago when there was no name for automated software to manage his practice. However, when the pandemic hit a few years ago, the lockdown cost him a lot since he wasn’t used to online consultations.

Even when he learnt to provide virtual therapy sessions, the coordination between him and his vast team could not be maintained. This resulted in many mis-managements, rescheduling, and cancellations, leading to losses.

Fortunately, Somraj was introduced to the concept of physical therapy by SmartPT at the time of the nationwide shutdown. The concept of SmartPT was far from the clunky, spreadsheet-heavy programs of old, so he jumped to book a free demo.


Somraj found that with SmartPT, managing patient data, scheduling appointments, and billing patients was effortless. He and his entire team could track inventory more efficiently.

“I am delighted with SmartPT.”

His team and his patients have also been completely satisfied with the software as there was no third-party application that he had to install for the online consultations and SmartPT was pretty easy to set up.


With this physical therapy software, his staff was able to collect information on his patients and keep track of their progress. This included details like their demographics and even scheduling preferences. With this information, he could better manage his patients, as well as schedule appointments that better fit their work schedules.

Another feature that Somraj loves about SmartPT is virtual therapy. Online consultation allows him to ask questions and receive personalised answers in a convenient and secure environment without having to leave his home or office. This can make it much easier for a physical therapist to assess a patient’s condition and offer advice or for a patient to get questions answered.

Eliminating the need for phone calls and in-person visits allows physical therapists and patients more time to spend together. And because it is online, SmartPT can be accessed from anywhere at any time without requiring travel or interruption. It also provides an easy way for his entire team of physical therapists to keep track of their patient’s progress over time, which is crucial if they are working with a complex case or multiple patients.

Furthermore, with SmartPT, he could create a digital calendar that makes scheduling appointments much more effortless. This included selecting appropriate times for walk-in patients as well as managing appointments for patients who needed a specific day and time. This can make scheduling appointments easier for his patients.

“All in all, I’d say SmartPT has helped me in ways I could never have imagined in these twenty years of my practice. When the pandemic hit, I could never imagine getting my clinic set back up and running this soon, and that too with much more precision and convenience. I would strongly recommend this automated software to every physiotherapist as it just makes the record-keeping, appointments, and consultation sessions seem like a cakewalk.”

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