Seven Hills Multi Speciality Hospital

Scaling the Physical therapy business and increasing the footfalls in the clinic.

Siva bali Reddy

Seven Hills Multi Speciality Hospital

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Seven Hills Multi Speciality Hospital Opp Prathap Theater, Srinivasa Nagar, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh 518501

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Key Achievements

Seamless HEP creation and thus can be sent to the patients.

Easy tracking of the patient's progress.


PT Siva Bali Reddy Katasani has been in the field of physiotherapy for more than a decade. He got to know about SmartPT which can easily increase the footfall in his clinic and automate his work. He was very much interested in booking the demo session, he wasted no time leveraging this wonderful opportunity.  


Well, increasing the number of customers in the office is very challenging. It can get cumbersome when you have to increase the footfall and manage a huge number of customers. He wanted to achieve it before the pandemic. But that could not happen and then came the Covid 19.

Another challenge was dealing with all the patients who wanted personalized patient care and fitness plans.  


After getting in touch with SmartPT Online software, he has been able to improve the number of footfalls and take care of all his clients. It also assisted him to get organized in creating reports tracking the progress and managing all the patient records.  

This software can be used by the PT to provide personalized patient care and also keep a track of the progress they are making.

The patients will also be able to see the reports and will be motivated to complete their physical therapy sessions without leaving it in between.  


SmartPT Online is a physical therapy platform that introduced several practical ways to resolve issues and provide more benefits. With the one-to-one feature, the therapist was able to make sure that no session is left.

The virtual therapy sessions were also very useful to the clients as if they are not able to make it to the therapist’s clinic, they can still get the therapy.

He was able to leverage personalized HEP to all his patients seamlessly. This is because he got a library that was full of exercises. He has the liberty to record the HEP and send it to his clients.  

Any HEP can be created in minutes and the patient will get all the exercises at the tip of their fingers on their smartphones.

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